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The main issues I have is the funding. However before I consider routes of funding, saving. I've decided to make a check list of the things I need to prepare before I consider, a kickstart / indigogo a bank loan to start things up.

This way I wont be messing everyone around.

As soon as the points below are all complete, THEN I will look for the funding / loans etc.

Once all the checks have been ticked off, I can decide on how to raise the funds to begin the production of the sidbox.

        Things I need to do before I get productions going! Status Date Updated
Create a facebook following. complete 25 / FEB / 2018
Reached 100 followers in the facebook Sidbox group (amazing) complete 20 / AUG / 2018
Firmware 100% - added 2 Mb version (new chip) complete 21/ FEB / 2019
  PCB Design and Debugging now finished - still laying better traces 03 / SEP / 2018
  Finding and Agreeing to Plastics for case moulding 2 companies contacted, 2 reply, negotiating 21 / FEB / 2019
  Finding and Agreeing PCB, ASSEMBLY For quicker turn out times 2 companies contacted, 1 reply good price. 17 / SEP / 2018
Best location for batteries 1600mAH Suitable size Think i got a supply, looking in to it 04 / SEP / 2018
Package Design and Manufacturing complete 21 / SEP / 2018
  Raising the funds for project Designing this now 17 / SEP / 2018
The Sidbox is created and built in the UK (using international services for parts)

I would like to again THANK YOU for the support and interest.

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To the youtube channel... some project development progress